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    Restoration of Older Harman p61 -help with pressure/vacuum line location.

    The pressure/vac hose seems to be missing when I got the stove. Both cables are connected but I can't locate the tubing nor the space where the tubing connects to the actual stove. This an older p61 (with the micro switch) that I have been trying to bring back to life and I have no history on...
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    Castle Serenity Vacuum Switch Discontinued

    Hi there, I'm wondering what to do about a discontinued part once it fails. Ardisam says the Lefoo 720238 vacuum switch is no longer available. Now mine hasn't failed yet, but if it does, how interchangeable is this part with another manufacturer, if an alternate even exists?? It seems like...
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    Breckwell p24fsa shutting down intermittently

    Hi im new to pellet stoves and i bought a used breckwell p24fs. Its older it has the manual control board, the only date i can find on it is 1995. it worked fine for a while then the convection fan went (it was making noise when i bought it so i knew it was a matter of time) so i replaced the...
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    Can't diagnose problem with 1991 Breckwell P24FS

    After much research I found a lot of great info and tests for this unit, along with a user manual, circuit diagram and test protocols for various issues like mine, but even after those tests, I can't determine the source of my problems. Symptoms: Turn on stove, circulation fan comes on but not...
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    2006 pdvc blower vac switch jumper

    I have a 2006 Englander PDVC in the house I am renting. When trouble shooting the upper auger vacuum switch (it’s bad) I noticed that the blower vacuum switch has been jumped. I’m not sure why the previous user would have done this. There is no hopper lid switch on this stove. Ideas as to why...
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    QF Castile: No Vacuum - Going Crazy Trying to Figure It Out

    Hi there, my name is Pete. I am a brand new member (although I have been lurking for quite some time). I have been trying to analyze my vacuum problem (namely, I am registering no vacuum at the nipple adjacent to the auger chamber). Background: I purchased my QF Castile insert second hand...
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    Top Auger problem or control board?

    I have a an Englander 25-pdvc/55-shp10 stove. The bottom auger seized up and the top auger jammed up as a result so I replaced both motors. I also noticed that the vacuum hose was cracked so I replaced that too. The bottom auger runs fine but the top auger does not run. I verified that both...
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    Harman Vacuum Issue

    Hello All, I have a Harman P61-2 pellet stove and I am having a vacuum issue. The auger wouldn't start until I bypassed the vacuum switch. This has led me to be sure it is a vacuum issue that won't allow my stove to feed. I have cleaned the stove recently, and even did another clean when this...