vermont castings encore

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  1. H

    Quadrafire Explorer III - First Impressions

    I had a lot of trouble finding information on this stove when I was looking at stoves to replace our aging but good-looking Vermont Castings Encore - Catalytic Stove. I'm writing this as my first post in the hopes of providing my impressions of this stove after a month or so of running it and...
  2. P

    Vermont Castings Encore Air Control

    I have a new VC Encore. I had a Jotul F3 for many years, and now I'm finding operating the Encore is a bit more complicated than the Jotul. I've now figured out how to get it going and then engage the catalytic converter. I do like the slow burn and it's generating way more heat than the Jotul...
  3. P

    Defiant Encore 2140

    Hello All, I recently picked up a Vermont Castings Defiant Encore 2140. This thing is in serious need of some help. There are no cracked or broken panels but the damper is stuck/frozen, the primary air valve seems to be stuck/frozen-though the handle moves freely. Almost all bolts are...
  4. D

    vermont castings Encore hood

    I just cleaned my Vermont Castings Encore 2500 for the summer and am unable to replace the cast iron hood. It simply will not slide back into place. Help! Any advice for getting the hood back in place? Thank you.
  5. B

    Catalytic converter substitute?

    I have a friend’s old Vermont Castings Encore 2550 with the catalytic converter design. He burned some semi-moist wood and cracked the Cat (a second time), so he decided to get a new stove without one. Before he set it outside in the weather, the Cat was removed and discarded. 3-4 years later...
  6. coal2wood

    2nd season with my Encore is not going well...Help!

    Last Season I bought an older Vermont Castings Encore stove. I put new gasket on the griddle and it burned nicely all season. I had to replace the griddle top this season so I put new gasket in again. I can't keep the stove under control now. It burns really hot and acts like there's too much...