1. S

    6 inch SS single wall tee snout to single wall 6 inch stove pipe exact same size

    Hello, maybe one of you guys can help me gain some wisdom by not making a mistake first. What do i need to connect a 6 inch diameter tee snout to a 6 inch black stove pipe? At first glance I thought I could just put the male end of the stove pipe into the tee snout but they are exactly the...
  2. N

    Shared wall/brick hearth for added heat storage/release

    Hello, New to the forum and looking for some advice. I have a Drolet Savannah (found on CL for $250) that I plan on installing in our 1100sq. ft. single story home (slab construction). The plan is to centrally locate it on a wall that will partition a bedroom area. My hope was to use brick or...
  3. CodyR4

    Installing through the wall.

    Hi, I have decided to install my wood stove through the wall due to fear of asbestos being in my ceiling, my house is old af. So a couple questions I will provide pictures, does my stove already have a heat shield? Can I go through the wall DIRECTLY beside the window? If my wood stove does have...