wood burning fireplace

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    Wood burning fireplace baffle info

    Hi I have an Ultimate supreme wood burner (their biggest size) and it has a baffle plate with a baffle on top that sits right under the pipe that goes outside. I’m assuming it’s purpose is to reduce fire risk entering chimney pipe. The baffle is only around 10” x 8” and is white. It’s crumby...
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    Santa Fe Insert - Convert back to a wood burning fireplace thoughts?

    Hello all! This is my first post and I am looking for guidance. My husband and I bought our first home at the beginning of 2022. We were initially excited that there was pellet stove insert in the home, however, now we are not so in love with this option. We are considering moving back to just...
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    Fix fireplace, not use an insert

    We love our wood burning fireplace. It’s got a rusted out hole above the firebox (metal) so we can’t use it. The estimates we’ve received mainly say to cut out the heater tubes, top of the firebox and then run a chimney liner and slap in an insert. We don’t want an insert and would love to...