Advice on Replacing Gas Stove back to Fireplace or Wood Stove

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New Member
Jan 27, 2024
Hudson Valley, NY
Hi All,

I'm a noob to the world of fireplaces/wood stoves and need some advice on how to proceed.

Recently bought an 1815 farmhouse in upstate NY that currently has a Heat & Glo LP stove in the fireplace that I'd like to remove. The house has forced air heat throughout, so this isn't the primary heat source for the home - main concern is aesthetics.

Firebox behind the propane stove is an old Heatilator that looks rusty and I've been told needs to be cut out and replaced (any chance it could still work fine as-is?). One estimate came in at $20k to cut out the rusted Heatilator and install a Bellfire Hearth, smoke chamber parging, damper, sealing exterior bricks, etc. Quote from a different guy was $1,200 to simply re-line and the existing chimney, and ~$2k to install a new wood stove of my choice that I'd go buy. Second chimney guy advised against cutting out the Heatilator because it would be like opening Pandora's box and could come with a whole host of other issues.

Because of the huge difference in price, I'm not sure what to do and what I actually need.

Current fireplace opening behind the propane stove is 32" wide, 24" deep, and about 28" tall. The house is 2 stories tall and about 1800sf, and this is downstairs on an exterior wall. Not sure what other considerations I should be making while I weigh options.

Question for the experts here- is one approach better than another, and do these quotes seem reasonable? Not sure what to do or the best way to think about this- open to any and all ideas/advice! Thank you!!

IMG_4101-eae0ae79717c8480388ea616c56a10a4.jpeg IMG_4106-0b91b96a34375c0d984a0f49b7b6ae06.jpeg IMG_4103-bd3161810b67fb1b3158c62b6cc809ee.jpeg IMG_4105-0f98372c9c5da739bdce5324e5f80869 (3).jpeg IMG_4107-b3a606da9efd496f589ed20c974f68c7.jpeg
A wood burning insert in the fireplace connected to an insulated liner is a good compromise. It will be safe, clean, burning, and a good heater.