wood fireplace insert

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  1. E

    Older home - no fireplace - want efficient wood fireplace insert

    My older home has the perfect place to put a fireplace in my living room and it’s on an outside wall. I was thinking of building a nice brick hearth and then getting an insert installed which would be piped straight outside and up the side of the house. I’ve looked around and haven’t found any...
  2. SeanT

    Too many choices! I need help!

    Hi all, Last winter my little boy and I slept in our mummy bags in bed, because my winter comforter couldn't keep us warm in a bedroom that was 40+ degrees. I decided to put in a fireplace insert only to realize there are so many make and models and so much to consider besides the size and...
  3. L

    On the look out for Large Wood Fireplace Insert

    Hello All, I have been reading the forums trying soak up as much information as I can to make the decision on our fireplace insert, but would love to hear some advice dealing with our specific needs from people that know their stuff. Our home is a 1700 square foot 1970s ranch house that we...