wood id

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  1. W

    Wood ID help

    I recovered quite a few of these boards from pallets. It’s very light in weight. Soft wood I’m assuming. It’s really pretty once planed and sanded. Lots of pores it soaks up resin or any kind of varnish. I’m trying my hardest to figure out what it is with no luck.
  2. Echo Parking Lot

    Are these both maple (and other questions)?

    Took the better part of 9 months, but finally finished hand splitting seven-ish cords for winter ‘23 and beyond. The wood is from a logger friend in south western MA. Mostly birch, oak and maple, probably some others mixed in as well, but i’m not a pro at identifying by bark or interior...
  3. WiscWoody

    Wood ID challenge

    We had a somewhat severe storm come through here a few weeks ago and even though I have way more wood than I should have, around 8 or 9 winters worth I took some scrounge wood from a neighbors fallen tree they hired a local logger to cut up and haul away. Neither myself nor the logger was sure...
  4. F

    Tree id

    A neighbor had a medium size branch fall from a large (16" diameter) tree during Isaias. Wood is heavy and dense, very difficult to split and there is no noticeable difference between the heart wood and sapwood. There are currently small berries on the tree. Any one ever see anything like...
  5. R

    Red oak?

    Hey all. I posted pictures of my 1/4 cord of wood the other day to verify that it was Red Oak (I am not knowledgeable so I had to place a bit of trust in the guy delivering it). I had very helpful replies and most of them said they needed closer pictures of the wood. I noticed when taking these...
  6. S

    Wood ID

    I had a bunch of smaller trees go down last winter/spring in mid-late March in a snowstorm with very heavy wet snow. I have attached a few pictures. Any idea what species this is? I am in SW CT about 400 ft in elevation and 8-9 miles inland from the coast. These were in an area not far from the...
  7. metrowlogger

    WTF (what’s this wood?)

    Can you ask experts please tell me what kind of what I got here when I hit it with the actually hurt my fillings
  8. J

    Please help ID this wood.

    A friend of mine got me some cherry wood. Next to it was this log. No leaves, out of it's natural environment. He is a tree guy and has an idea of what he thinks it is, but is the owner and not in the field for years. Can you help me confirm? Thanks!!! Jack
  9. metrowlogger

    Calling our Expert Wood ID guys - Please

    This stuff split wicked easy, may be frozen as it is wicked freakin cold here for March. Thanks.