wood insert recommendations

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    Wood Insert in Peninsula fireplace

    Hi all, I am new here. I have been trying to learn as much as possible but still seem unable to find the right answer. Most retailers want to sell what they have in stock or what they guess you can afford, and they are not so open to answer questions. What we need is to insert a wood...
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    Paralysis by analysis...wood insert replacement

    Hello, I’m looking for guidance on a replacement wood insert. Over three years ago I purchased my first home, which included a Sweet Home wood insert without a liner. I was advised that the insert and chimney were in good working order (though not the case for the insert)... and that I would...
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    Seeking Advice on Wood Insert

    Hello, I am looking to purchase a small insert (fireplace depth is only 17"). Considering VC Montpelier or possibly Regency CI1250. I would like to burn bio bricks or a split wood alternative. This is replacing a very old Surdiac Coal stove. Looking for advice... some questions include: advice...
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    Wife needs wood insert recommendations

    Hello everyone, Having spent a somewhat chilly New Year's holiday at our cottage here in Ontario Canada, I'm now researching so that I have good facts to convince my Hubby to get a wood burning insert! Would you kindly share your recommendations with me, as the information is a bit...