wood shed

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  1. G

    gthomas785 Massive Wood Shed Build (progress thread)

    I'm finally making good progress on building my wood shed, with the help of my wife. I'm posting this thread just to share the process and design, in case anyone is interested. The woodshed was designed entirely by me, in my head, and I have minimal drawings. Here are a couple sketches of the...
  2. CRJ700

    Large Spiders making a home in my wood shed

    I tried searching the forum for this since I would assume this is a common issue but no such luck. I have two wood storage areas on my property. The first is a wood shed that holds about 2 cords. I keep some semi seasoned wood in there that I use to restock my seasoned wood rack that I keep...
  3. R

    Newbie question about stacking

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member and 2nd year on my own wood burner. Grew up with a wood stove but just installed my own in 2016. Anyways I finished building a lean to wood shed with a quickly thrown together brick underlayment and was wondering if I could stack my firewood directly on the brick...
  4. JimBear

    Old corn crib for wood seasoning & storing.

    Hello all, I have an old ear corn crib that is 30’ L x 10’W x 14’H backside sloping to 16’H on the front, with a tin roof, sides are 1”x5”s with approximately 1-1/2” between boards. The crib has 3 walk in doors on the front so it is easy to separate wood varieties. I really don’t have the...
  5. T

    Help design my wood shed

    I recently moved to the Milwaukee suburbs. The house has a wood burning stove, but no where to stack wood. The previous owner kept it all in the garage, but I'd rather keep the bugs and critters out of there. I want to build a wood shed, and I want to do it right. At my last place (also...