wood stove installation

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    Brick removal advice for chimney liner install

    I’ve learned so much in this forum and have finally started my install. I’ll be putting a Morso 7110 in a somewhat narrow existing fireplace and lining the masonry and clay chimney with pre-insulated rigid oval Duraliner. My fireplace tapers to a narrow throat, so I need to remove a brick or...
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    How to install united states stove co. model US3200E

    Hi y'all, I need some help. If someone could help me figure this out, I will be very grateful. We bought this new wood burning stove, united states stove co. model US3200E. It looks like I am going to have to install it. From floor to ceiling, it is 16 feet. There is a suspended ceiling at 10...
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    Wood stove help please, need to learn how to efficiently use everything on the stove

    Anyone able to help with the operation of this wood stove. My grandfather hand crafted this stove in 1970's. I know it's based of another type of wood stove however I am trying to figure out the correct operation of the stove for most beneficial fire burn and wood saving use. The bottom 2 are...
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    Heat barrier questions

    I'm installing a hearth pad and a wall barrier for my new (old) Vermont Castings and have been unable to find answers to a couple of questions. For the pad, I plan on using 1/2" Durock or Hardie board on top of 1/2 or 3/4" plywood or OSB on a 2X6 frame. I've read that you should use mortar and...