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Oct 13, 2019
Anyone able to help with the operation of this wood stove. My grandfather hand crafted this stove in 1970's. I know it's based of another type of wood stove however I am trying to figure out the correct operation of the stove for most beneficial fire burn and wood saving use. The bottom 2 are dampers and the upper baffle vent I am unsure when to use or anything of sorts. Any information regarding the use and operation will be greatly appreciated. thank you
Wood stove help please, need to learn how to efficiently use everything on the stove
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Seeing this is a custom stove it would be just a guess. It may have quirks specific to design. The lower ports in general are just for starting and closed off once the fire is burning well. After that the upper port is used to regulate the burn.
Has a certified sweep inspected this installation to make sure it is safely installed and with a safe flue system?