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  1. PAbeech

    Pacific energy summit insert replacing old zero clearence

    Yesterday we pulled out the old zero clearence wood burner. My new pacific energy summit insert is now waiting to be installed. Just have to weld up brackets to keep the old chimney up and then insert the 25' 6" flex liner kit into the existing10" stainless chimney. Also if any tips on using the...
  2. L

    Heatilator Icon vs. Astria Georgian

    I'm looking for a 42" wood burning fireplace. I have seen the Heatilator Icon, but not the Astria Georgian. Curious about experiences with these inserts, including appearance of the bricks, general performance and customer service. This is going in a new house and will have glass doors. Our...
  3. C

    Ironstrike Montlake 300?

    Hi guys. I’m new to the site. I have been researching wood burning inserts for my fireplace and have a few that I am interested in. I have been talking to a local dealer and the unit he believes I would be most satisfied in is the Ironstrike Montlake 300. I have a very large space to heat and...
  4. N

    Wood burning stove installation 6 inch pipe to 8in flue

    Hello, I’m trying to connect a new wood burning stove to an existing chimney. The chimney is already existing and is a 8 inch pipe (see attached photos). I have some questions about the connection to the existing 8 inch chimney. After remove the existing fireplace what was left was the 8in...
  5. C

    Exposed Flue Pipe Stairwell

    We are a design/build company and working on a project in Norwalk, Connecticut. We are looking to run exposed Class A flue pipe from an existing wood burning fireplace through the center of a stairwell up through the roof. The stair structure will be at least 6" clear from the wall of the flue...
  6. sheep621

    Clay fireplace in traditional home?

    Does anyone know whether it would be possible to put a clay fireplace in a traditional home? Has anyone tried it before? This is what I am picturing (this is a straw bale house): (Image borrowed from http://mechantdesign.blogspot.fr/2015/09/eco-straw-bale-house-in-melbourne.html)
  7. L

    New home construction: wood-burning insert confusion

    I have searched through these forums and I'm not finding much info on the particular models I've been pricing. I am so overwhelmed and afraid of making a decision I will regret. I hope someone can help. We are in the process of building our first home and are putting in a fireplace. In our...