zero clearance fireplace

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  1. J

    Zero Clearance Insert recommendation

    Hello. I'm wanting some recommendations on wood burning inserts for my superior zero clearance fireplace. The model number is WRT2036WS. Thank you
  2. E

    Compact/Smallest Zero Clearance Open Fireplace on Market

    Hi, I am seeking to install a fireplace in new construction that has to be freestanding due to a large number of glass walls. I also would like it to be wood burning. However, where the job is located in New York State the government has discussed banning wood so I would like the ability to...
  3. A

    Help :/ Zero Clearance Removal Keep Same Pipe

    Hello! I apologize if this has been answered somewhere else but I’m having trouble finding other threads with the exact same issue as me. I would really appreciated any help. We’re replacing an old Napoleon ZCF with a free standing wood stove. I’d like to remove the current ZCF but keep the...
  4. O

    Wood Burning Insert Newbie Safety Advice, Help, & Discussion

    Hello All, This is my first post, I came here for some help after reading a ton of various inputs on this forum (such great information!). Anyway, I grew up in a home that was partially heated by wood heat and have loved and missed it for more than two decades. I recently moved into my first...
  5. L

    Heatilator Icon vs. Astria Georgian

    I'm looking for a 42" wood burning fireplace. I have seen the Heatilator Icon, but not the Astria Georgian. Curious about experiences with these inserts, including appearance of the bricks, general performance and customer service. This is going in a new house and will have glass doors. Our...
  6. Jacklumber

    Minimizing Ash Coal build up in Catalytic ZC

    I have a FireplaceXtrordinair Apex 42 Catalytic zero clearance fireplace with an ash charcoal build up issue. A wheel barrel full per week! I have read that catalytic stoves need to be run with a full load to burn efficiently while reducing airflow. But this leads to significant coal buildup in...
  7. S

    Fireplace Door Handles - a shot in the dark

    Hey everyone, This is a shot in the dark, but I have a townhome, built in 1986 with a zero clearance Superior SP38T model. I attached the owners manual below since that is really the only info I can find on it online. The handles for the knobs on the doors to the fireplace are gone. Previous...
  8. Jacklumber

    Zero Clearance Wood Burning Fireplace Build and Install

    I finally completed this project. It's a follow on from a previous thread of last year when I came into the forum asking advice about installing a freestanding stove inside an old zero clearance space. It...
  9. Jacklumber

    Why do some wood stove or fireplaces below 2.0 g/h not meet EPA 2020?

    I had thought that FireplaceXtrordinair 42 Apex model advertised as being 0.7 g/h would have been compliant with the EPA 2020 particulate emissions standards. However, it states in the 42 Apex manual: "Certified to comply with 2015 particulate emissions standards. Not approved for sale after...
  10. J

    Hearth risers or hearth stand for pellet insert

    Hi, I have a zero clearance Firebox that I would like to do a pellet insert for. One issue I'm running into is that the floor of the firebox is about 3 or 4 inches higher than the hearth. One thing I have considered is getting a hearth riser, but I'm not sure exactly how they fit or how they...