0 clearance fp to insert or ws

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Oct 28, 2020
Pine colorado
I'm wondering if I need to send a reline thru to switch my not so great fp with glass doors and blower.
I want to install either a insert or a wood stove. The existing (prefab) fp is in basement . I'll include some pics
I believe the run to reline would be 20-25' the fp currently is pretty small for a insert. The max H is somewhere and 21" depth and width is plenty of space.
I have a large stone area out in front so stove could be fit in. My question is do I need to reline. Local stove shop says yes
Looks like a triple wall pipe 10" opening is currently run up to roof top.

20231107_084251.jpg 20231107_084158.jpg 20231107_084636.jpg 20231107_084557.jpg 20231107_084324.jpg
IF it is permissible to install an insert into the fireplace, then yes, a 6" liner must be installed. But first identify the insert and make sure that there isn't language in the ZC manual that prohibits an insert install. A 21" lintel is likely too low for installing a rear-vented, freestanding stove.
I have not be able to determine manufacturer
Before I go any further removing doors and trying to create a bit more clearance especially tight in the hidth figured I show what it looks like behind the lipstick
I'm trying to decide between insert or wood stove installation .

The ID is important before deciding. Look in the door channel for a model tag.
Unfortunately no model number in the door channels
I looked throughly everywhere I can currently access without digging deeper
In my novice opinion I would suspect it maybe safest to install wood stove vs insert. Any thoughts on that?
Suggestions as to where to go from here.
The local stove shop seemed to act as though installing an insert would be no problem lol just fork over the better part of 7k. I did show them the photos.
However they have not put eye's on the install.
Would the wood stove be installed elsewhere, like the main floor of the house?
Also locally someone posted a drolet 1800 express for 400$
I can fit that in the fireplace
I guess I'm wondering if the local stove shop is saying they can put insert in there why can't I.
Are you sure you can fit a woodstove? It is very low opening if you plan to run the liner up into the existing chimney. There are some rear vent stoves available but even with short legs, a 21” lintel is too low. I have 27.5” and only found a few woodstoves with short legs that would fit.
Or insert? No I have not been able to determine manufacturer
As I mentioned the stove shop said they could install a insert?
If you don't know the make and model of the fireplace there is absolutely no way for them to know if an insert can be installed in that fireplace. That tells me they are more worried about making the sale than making sure their work meets minimum safety standards
Ok thank you. I suspect I will install a stove in the lower part of the house where that fireplace is. I will put that fireplace back together and put my woodstove out the side wall in another area of the basement. The fireplace is now a nothing burger. Thanks for all your input.
No I was going to reline that flu and set wood stove partially in fireplace
Based on the lintel height that does not sound possible.

I asked about placing the stove on the main floor because often that is where it's most effective especially if that is where most of the time is spent. However, if the basement is a regular place to hang out then putting the stove there makes more sense. It will help if there is an open stairwell nearby so that some heat can convect to the upstairs.
Thinking about tearing the entire thing out the clearances that thing has are preventing me from to many options
What would you do after taking it out?
Considering the way I have seen some of these zero units installed, ripping it out would be in your best interest. You may be able to salvage and reuse some of the facade. Redoing from scratch while a pia and more costly gets into the proper codes for clearances for any type of solid fuel device. Besides the side & rear clearances there is the height above stove as well, varies between models. It would also be in your best interest to install an outside air kit at the same time, this does not supply all of the combustion air but puts a fair dent in what is drawn from inside the home envelope. what would likely endup is an floor to ceiling alcove for a stove.
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Hard to read, it looks like it might be a DF40, but I think that's a gas model.

Replacement would definitely increase options.
Line the existing chimney
Create a fire resistant cement and rock barrier inside floor is cement slab and put smallish wood stove in the space
That is what I was thinking