120 Volt Heat Pump Water Heaters Hit the Market

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Minister of Fire
Sep 20, 2013
Branford, CT
There are big developments happening in the world of water heaters. 120 volt heat pump water heaters are set to hit the market (most by early next year) allowing homeowners with gas water heaters to easily switch them out for heat pump water heaters without expensive panel upgrades. This opens up the world of efficient water heating to many more households, because they won’t have to rewire their homes to make the switch.



Feeling the Heat
Sep 16, 2015
This is good. I was wondering if this would be more a niche for small apartments / homes to prevent falling behind during peak load. But the higher tank temp along with an integrated mixing valve is an easy solution. With my hybrid I run as a heat pump during the day and jack up the temp using solar power and then it switches to hybrid mode at night when most people take showers. I doubt my resistance element ever comes on doing that. I could see someone getting away with running on 120 volt.


Minister of Fire
Jan 19, 2019
SE North Carolina
With an 80 gallon HPWH I know of only two times in the las 18 months we ran out of hot water. Three bath tubs and a lid of dishes. Don’t have it set to use the elements at all. I do recall a product call “ geyser“ that was a 120 V add unit that could be added to a standard electric or gas heater.

Personally living with A HPWH now for a while you need to think about where to install it. It really cools off the basement. I believe they are most efficient inside the building envelope. Who doesn’t want free ac and dehumidification in the summer.


Minister of Fire
Jan 12, 2009
SW Virginia
I do recall a product call “ geyser“ that was a 120 V add unit that could be added to a standard electric or gas heater.
Nyle also it seems, or maybe they're the same.
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