2006 International codes are in print

elkimmeg Posted By elkimmeg, Jun 26, 2006 at 4:17 PM

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  1. elkimmeg

    Guest 2.

    This never happened before The ICC International Code Council Sent me the 2006 International Codes The Complete Collection
    all on a Cd- rom No money free? I wonder if It was because I recomemded some admendments? I haven't had time to check to see if my language made it into the codes. Actually I possed some situations here, used your responses to make my recomended
    admendments. It is possible that Hearth.com and the forum members helped shape Federal code.

    On the CD is not just the building codes but Electrical, plumbing, gas Mechanical. Many fire codes, And many more. No more flipping pages. I can use a search engine. Too bad it's on a windows fromat but such is life.. I still have one windows machine and a laptop
  2. Rob From Wisconsin

    Rob From Wisconsin
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    Nov 20, 2005
    East-Central Wisconsin
    I'd personally steer away from such reading as much as possible.
    There is a world of difference between US & European-type codes.
    I have worked quite a bit with NEC vs IEC standards, and it is like
    comparing "apples to oranges". They operate & approve materials
    a lot different "over there" than they do "here".
    It'll just confuse you......

    Rob "The Electrical Engineer" from Wisconsin....
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  3. begreen

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    Nov 18, 2005
    South Puget Sound, WA
    Interesting that WA recently went to international codes recently. My foundation contractor was concerned about too much backfill against the foundation wall. Old, WA state code only allowed 30" against an 8" wall. But recently international code was adopted. Now it's 48", which I am happy to see.
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  4. elkimmeg

    Guest 2.

    Interesting what codes are stressed or enforced Here, the requirements for backfilling are either pour the floor slab and or
    frame the deck Third way is to brace the bare concrete walls before backfiling. Here to prevent frost heaving foundations
    must be in the ground 4' Did your contractor confuse this. I cannot find a height limit to the backfilling in the codes

    The only other refference is clearance distances from the sill to the ground 8" ( ground clearance) or to other un treated lumber.

    I think your contractor or the building official is confused about code interpetation there is no such code I can find

    Hurricane Katrinia effects have made it into this eddition of the code. The wind zone charts have changed and increased velosities are pressent in the gulf coast florida and the Carolina's Even New england My area changed from 90 mph to being inbetween 100 and 110mph Also Mountain areas have been identified due to wind shear in vallys There is a new section or additional requirements f addressing sonstruction in these higher wind exposed areas. More language and codes for EARQUAKE zones.

    In my area insurance rates on Cape Cod increased dramatically due to potential hurricane exposure. What this tells me is insurance companies are admending their policies to reflect the expended danger zones. OR insurance companies had a hand in establishing these zones. Flood plain zones have been expanded as well. We all will be paying more for insurance to off set the damage payout for Katrina / Rita and the damages to Florida the year earlier. We could use a break this season from major Hurricane impacts.

    This is probably an ash can topic. What amazed me in all the doom and gloom after Katrina hit ,was the refineries, oil platforms, gas lines shut down or damaged, One would think the oil companies would have surrered catastropic losses? Yet when the profits
    were anounced these companies recorded the highest profits ever?
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