2009 Quadra Fire 3100 step top is it a good stove? Newby to wood stoves.

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Kurt Huber

New Member
Jul 11, 2023
Southeast Minnesota
Hello all. I’m new to wood stoves. I built a 600 sq ft cabin with a loft. I’m on the Mn Ia border.
Does anyone know anything about this stove? Is it the same as the new 3100s?
This stove was hardly used I don’t think it’s ever gotten really hot at all. Looks like it’s only had a few kindling fires in it. Almost new.
The new 3100 only has a flat top, this stove has a step top and a ash box in it with a grate on the bottom. Neither of these options are available new.
Did I get a good stove? Are the 2009s the same as the new ones? Why did they quit making the step top? Was there problems? How bout the ash box?
My plan was to buy a new Kuma and I loved their willingness to discuss their stoves with me. The dealers in stores are like used car dealers but they are my only source of info.
Thanks for your knowledge.
It's a very good stove with a long track record and many positive reviews. There have been a few tweaks, but 2007-2019 were good years with the ACC models. precaud did some extensive write-ups on the stove's performance many years back. As long as the price was good, it should do the job very well.

I suggested this stove in this thread.