2012 Quad Mt Vernon control board burnt up

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New Member
Mar 11, 2022
Maine, USA
I am cautiously proceeding with recommissioning my mother in laws AE freestanding pellet stove after the control board burnt up right where the ac connector plugs into the control board. Looking around all signs seemed to point to a igniter failure. Unfortunately I find it tests good , 45 ohms. It was also equipped with the dual inline fuses and those and the main 15 amp control board fuse were intact. I also benched it with a AC pigtail and it heats fine and doesn’t ohm out any different when it’s been heated up. The exterior of the element and wiring are unremarkable as well.
I’m a root cause guy. I have installed a new control board with leads, power supply, heating element with full fused harness etc. I can’t get myself to plug it into the wall and give it a go without a idea that I have turned over every stone. I even have a new exhaust motor coming as it’s the only thing I can think of that might draw enough power if locked to cause issues.
All the wiring looks good..no chaffed or shorted stuff that I can see.
So figured I would air this out and see if the collective brain trust has any ideas,
I know that board might have just packed itself up after 10 years. $900 dollars deep I want to be super careful. Any iseas yiu might have I’d be glad to listen. Thanks, Matt


Mt Bob

Minister of Fire
Oct 31, 2013
park county montana
Well,I would have tested everything before even buying any parts, other than a new board. TheAE repair manual is available online.


Feeling the Heat
Dec 9, 2010
Kingston, NH
The T7CS5D-12 is a relay. Don't know the board but it could be that that relay controls sending power to the igniter and it failed cause the board to fry cause it looks pretty cooked under it.
Ya gotta try it someday, start it up, ANY smell, smoke, etc, yank the plug.



New Member
Mar 11, 2022
Maine, USA
I tested what I could with what I have. From experience many electrical components bench ok but when you bring them online, create heat funny things happen.
If I had megger at my disposal I would have more comfort level with a few of the parts.
Also it’s not mine. I work and have a limited window of time to invest in it.