2024 severe weather!

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nothing going on here
Nothing going on here either, tomorrow we'll have a high of 45 & a low of 4, Saturday our high is 13 with a forecast low of 3. February can be colder so those temps aren't that bad.

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We have a Wind Advisory on for this area starting tomorrow afternoon at 1.


* WHAT...Southwest winds 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 55 mph

* WHERE...Portions of northern New York and central, northeast,
northwest, and southern Vermont.

* WHEN...From 1 PM Wednesday to 7 AM EST Thursday.

* IMPACTS...Gusty winds will blow around unsecured objects. Tree
limbs could be blown down and a few power outages may result.
Ice fishing tournaments are being cancelled left and right.

The good thing is, most of California’s reservoirs are nearly full and they’re still adding to their snow pack. Hopefully they can keep them full.
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Nice here now 8 ::C and the high today 14::C Then it all falls apart
low tonight -15::C with a wind chill (or real feel) of -23
from spring to the dead of winter in 12 hours. Got to
love the Great White North.
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Temps predicted to peak in the low 50s by 8:00 pm here in NH and then bottom out in thesingle digits by Friday morning. My rutted road is gonna be a fun time.
We have temps in the 50’s today. Then, later the wind will pick up and the temp will drop. Supposed to be gusts up to 47 mph and the temp will be in the teens. So I’m sure the wind chill will be pretty cold.

I’m looking forward to the drop in temp. Hoping it will recharge my maple syrup tap buckets ;)
Not looking forward to the wind though.
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i know eh,i was getting worried that i wouldn't be able to buy those big tasteless strawberries anymore
Don’t worry, half the farmland in the original Tulare lake basin is back under water, lol.





On Friday the warmer weather returns for us.
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The strong winds arrived about 10 minutes ago, so far the power is still on.

...Strong thunderstorms will impact portions of Franklin, St.
Lawrence and western Essex Counties through 515 PM EST...

At 418 PM EST, Doppler radar was tracking strong storms along a line
extending from 7 miles west of Waddington to 15 miles east of
Carthage. Movement was east at 50 mph.

HAZARD...Wind gusts up to 50 mph.

SOURCE...Radar indicated.

IMPACT...Gusty winds could knock down tree limbs and blow around
unsecured objects.
We've strong winds all day.
From the south though, so it was 54 today, still 53 now. The low forecast for late tonight is 27.
At 11 pm it'll be 45, so that's when I'll be starting the stove. Hoping the wind does not push smoke into my basement thru the air inlet.
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not to worry they'll pump it dry for the golf courses and then complain they have no water :)

I have absolutely no doubt about that! Lol
well were getting nailed right now,90k winds raining side ways then flash freeze 25to 30 degree drop.
The winds have been howling here since around 3:30, the lights just flickered for the first time. It was snowing out pretty good but that didn't last long.
We heard a big thud outside so I did a visual check from the inside of the house (nothing on the house) so I took a good flashlight too check outside where the woods start, one pine fell away from the house so I'll have some cleanup whenever the winds stop.
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Thank mother nature for providing firewood so close by and saving the home!
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Thank mother nature for providing firewood so close by and saving the home!
Any of the trees you would like down, never come down in a wind event. This was an area I was clearing years back but never started back up again, I guess it's time I start the job back up.
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