357xp? Is anyone running one?

Dill Posted By Dill, Dec 13, 2011 at 7:22 PM

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  1. MasterMech

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    I can appreciate the 346XP for what it is. Stock or modified like yours. Problem is with the RPM levels used to achieve those cut times, the saw just won't last as long as it should. Average was 18 months or less in a Tree Services truck(my own experience) or a few years in the serious homeowners hands. That's for stock saws. We used to re-jug 346's up through 372's regularly. Far more often than Stihl and we we're selling Stihl over Husky 10 to 1. (At least!) And there were plenty of tree guys with an old 044/046 kicking around their trucks too! Not to mention the MS200T was universally used as the "bucket saw". I don't remember selling a single 338XPT.

    Not trying to start the next Stihl vs. Husky debate here. (so please don't tell me "I love my Husky xxx/XP/Rancher etc." I know and I love 'em too, just not as much as you! ;-) )But my point is with all that performance comes consequences. Other saws may win the race "in the pits" but if your only racing 1/4 miles then I'd saddle up a Husky.
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    For what I have in this saw if it lives a short life I'll be happy. But I do baby it a little in that I won't run it in the summer. The performance is so amazing its a thrill to operate for firewood or race. I have a buddy with a piped 346 and yes he cuts some firewwod with it.
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