4-4-2013 Orange NH - Build up of soot in pellet stove burned house to the ground?

Don2222 Posted By Don2222, Apr 23, 2013 at 7:57 PM

  1. Lousyweather

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    not wanting to turn the into an "Ash-Cannish" discussion at all, regulation, de-regulation, etc, lets just say, to put this to bed, that we agree to disagree. And government can be evil.......:p
  2. MCPO

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    May 1, 2008
    western Ma , close to NY state border
    We definitely don`t need any more government regs or oversight. I`ve been a licensed electrician in Ma. for 50 yrs and for 50 yrs there have been many electrical wannabees including a few city firemen who have been installing electrical wiring and apparatus over the years Of course It`s illegal and subject to fine and maybe even imprisonment but that never deterred any of them. Does anyone think more rules and regs (more taxes too) will stop anyone from doing odd technical jobs ?
    Lets not kid ourselves, electrical , plumbing , and maybe even less for a stove tech job certainly doesn`t require rocket science knowledge , so more rules and oversight ain`t gonna change anything as far as stopping handymen from doing what they feel they can do .
    And let me add government shouldn`t be evil but it looks like the IRS , homeland security, and the US AG aren`t exactly poster childs of honesty either.
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  3. Lousyweather

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    you're right, government SHOULDNT be evil.....but again, I don't think anyone on either side of the fence will tell you that the government is a paragon of honesty either....tho some would take exception to that, I'm sure. (does dishonesty connote evil?)

    You bring up a very good point, MCPO. Regulations be damned, what saves folks from either doing it themselves or hiring a non-professional (fireman in your example), from doing any work "on the cheap"? Use the example of a stove install.....I wonder how many are installed without a permit at all? I think the number would surprise you. After all the hubbub of having to obtain permits (oh, you might not get paid if you have a fire, etc), a lot of folks still wont get permits because "it'll never happen to them".
    And what safeguards are there that even during an annual cleaning the person who does it does it correctly? Even professionals cant all agree as to what's "done right". Are the regulation folks now suggesting that maybe a stove owner needs to get a new permit every year, with documentation that it has been cleaned and serviced by a licensed, insured, and professionally trained stove service guy? Lets face it, many of these fires we see are from negligence of cleaning, so, why not? Also, what safeguards the owner from their own stupidity? Maybe we need to administer an IQ test for the stove owner? What protects them from putting hot ash into a pizza box on the porch? What protects them from using flammable liquids on an existing fire to really get the stove going? Hmmm....in the illustrious state of MA, folks who want to carry a firearm have to take a course, go thru a background check, to be allowed to exercise their constitutional rights. Maybe stove owners should be licensed and regulated too? Why not? It'll provide jobs for career government functionaries as well.

    (Yea, being sarcastic, but, even so, I still think the regulation thing is out of hand- my opinion, of course!)

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