42 apex cat

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Burning Hunk
I have a 42 Apex that I’m struggling to remove the cat from. There is hardly and space in front of it to allow it to fully slide out. Does anyone else have this issue and is there a trick to remove and reinsert this cat?

A little background. Four years burning about 4-5 cords per year. First two years were a little bit of a learning experience. I ended up replacing my cat at the end of the 21-22 burning season. The original cat saw some cracking. I probably could have gotten a few more years out of it but with the changes I made with my wood and what I’ve learned here I wanted a clean start.

Both the original and the replacement cat were hard to remove and put back in due to the space constraint . The space from the cat housing to the front of the stove does not allow the cat to slide all the way out to remove. While trying to remove the cat to sweep my chimney today, the gasket is now somewhere behind the cat and I’m unable to get this cat out.

Thanks in advance for any advice/guidance anyone can provide me.