$519 for a blower!

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Sep 19, 2022
Dealer wanted $519 for the blower setup (sheetmetal box, blower, switch/sensor), which I refused to pay. I purchased an aftermarket fan and wiring for $99 and thought that it would bolt right up based on measurements. Well that ended up being off about an inch unfortunately. Slight change to Regency's back shield could have a fan bolt up directly. Regency also does not list the blower housing separately. You either buy the whole unit or fan. I ended up welding angle to the blower housing and bolting it right up. Wow, what a difference the dual squirrel cage fan makes vs the little floor mounted fan I had pushing air upwards.

I did add an airmate at the same time, which arrived broken because the cold welds and 0 base material penetration.

The stove feels like it puts out double the heat now. Enough that the basement install works upstairs in mild ~45F temps.