$5350 for 15' flue replacement???!!!!

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Dec 5, 2023
Westfield In
Over the holidays I brought a new Drolet to replace my ancient dragon.

The old stove has an 8" flue. 3' of single wall pipe going into about 18" of double wall to the roof & then 7' or so above the roof line. (that put the top of the pipe 15 plus feet from the closest part of the roof)

The new stove is 6" flue so I figure I need to replace the flue.

Called out the company that re-roofed my house a few years back to get a quote. (they do masonry/ fireplace installs among other things)

Guy gave me a quote for $5350 to install the new flue & hook up the new stove. (leaving all old items behind for me)

5350?? Really??? I get prices have gone up since I had the old stove installed 25ish years ago. I understand that they need to make money etc.

$380+ a foot just seems way off - or am I just that for out of tune with the cost of a new flue?

While I wait for a couple other companies to get out - can I expect more quotes in this range???

Im in central Indiana if that matters.
For a total replacement, there can be a lot of labor involved on the roof for the new flashing and for replacing the chimney support. Yes, chimney pipe prices have gone up a lot. That is not too out of line with current rates.

Is the current setup 8" straight up and through the roof? If so, the stove will work on the 8" stove pipe. Drolet's are easy breathing stoves and not particularly draft fussy. Have it inspected by a certified sweep. If it is still in good condition and safe then ask the sweep to connect the new stove to it with 6" stovepipe connecting to the chimney support with a 6" to 8" increaser.
Thanks. Yes, its a straight shot up. A chimney sweep is coming by tomorrow so Ill ask them about doing it that way. Again, Thanks!
Note that if the sweep finds that the chimney pipe is old and not the currently required 2100º HT class A pipe, then it may need replacing.
Yup, prices are stupid for flue installs I get the installer needs to make money but sorry at like $150/hr.
Yup, prices are stupid for flue installs I get the installer needs to make money but sorry at like $150/hr.
You know when billing $150 an hour they aren't making all that much