5502m with lux 500u thermostat


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Oct 15, 2017
I just hooked up a lux 500u thermostat to my 5502m pellet stove. I understand that this stove will not shut down and refire. My question is... How do I know the thermostat is working with the stove? I haven't notice a difference in the sound of the blower. The room takes a few hours to warm up from 62 to 68. I keep the control panel at HR1. If I move the control panel to HR3 I have more flame then HR1 but blower sounds the same. As far as I know it shouldn't matter what the control panel on the stove says for the HR but it seems to be still adjustable. I did remove the jumper. On the thermostat the red wire is hooked to Rh and white wire to W1
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