6" flexible chimney liner install in an 8" insulated pipe support question

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New Member
Sep 22, 2021
Alberta, Canada

I had a previous thread about the house I bought that has pre-existing 8" pipe that I bought a Blazeking sirocco 30 for. It was recommended that I install the 6" flex liner inside the 8" pipe. I am going to get this installed soon and was wondering how the top of my liner ( at the cap) should be supported within the 8" pipe?

Does it just sit unsupported at the top of the chimney with the rain cap as it has support at the bottom "Tee" where it turns into my basement wall?

If anyone has an experience/advice the would be great.. included are some pictures.



Minister of Fire
Aug 21, 2013
NE Ohio
The liner attaches to that top plate/cap assembly, and hangs from that...which you should be able to just let the top plate sit on the top of the chimney pipe then