60 used pellet stoves on Craigslist............


Sep 23, 2009
Long Island
Nothing like a pellet stove that has constant hot air blowing out!!

Had oil, converted to natural gas 6 years ago but still burn 3 ton of pellets for the season.

My NG bill averages about $100 bucks a month for the winter season using pellets.


Aug 4, 2012
West central Mn
My Harman gets used to heat the basement slab and only when things get ugly cold does it cycle the fan or when first burning to get the room up to temp. Love the constant heat that the hot bodied stove provides. Just touched it off as the weather channel is flashing frost warnings and the daytime high was 61 with passing showers this afternoon. Maybe will shut it down before going to bed and the slab will keep the house warm.
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