Q&A A freestanding stove in a fireplace?

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    I want to run a piece of stove pipe from the top of my woodstove up through the flue and into the chimney. Here's the problem: the stove pipe is 8 inches across while the flue appears to be slightly less than eight inches wide (I have not yet measured but I'm pretty sure). Question is how to narrow the stove pipe to fit it through the flue opening. The chimney is a good 10 inches by 10 inches (inside dimensions). Any thoughts??? Thanks


    Installers usually use a flexible stainless steel oval to round tube that flattens out and does the job.
    Another option is to remove part of the damper.
    Stainless steel liner, either solid or flexible, should be used for chimney lining. Regular stove pipe will rust within a year or two.
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