A Load of Locust

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Minister of Fire
Feb 27, 2014
Marshall NC

Power company came through 2 weeks ago and wacked a dead standing locust on the uninhabited 18 acre lot next door. This tree was about 15 inch diameter. I have cut down a dead standing locust that was 50 percent rotten. Not this tree. No rot, no bugs. I took the Husqvarna and got a truck load.
I love it when I score some locust.
Love locust - someday it's hard to light, I just say you need a hotter bed of coal!
As I was restacking my wood shed to consolidate my oldest wood/make room for this year's wood, I purposefully put my black locust in the middle and at the bottom of a full cord row...plan to get to it mid January when I REALLY want it. Phenomenal wood.
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