Some Dry Ash

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Minister of Fire
Feb 27, 2014
Marshall NC
I cut up another truck load of ash today. This tree was had been dead standing for 3 years, out in a meadow where it got lots of sun and wind. I could tell the wood was very dry, as it was not very heavy. The piece I tested had been 50 feet above the ground. I split another piece that had been 15 feet above the ground, it tested at 18.6 percent.

Some Dry Ash Some Dry Ash Some Dry Ash
I have been burning this wood and it burns well. I split some small, and used it for kindling, then loaded the stove with it. It is weird, to cut up a trunk on Wednesday, and on Friday to load up the stove with that wood and get a good burn.
Never done that before. Dry, standing ash.

That's the last of the ash. my brother and I have cut up 8 of them on our mountain, in the past 4 years, there are no more.