Actual vs. practical split length for Morso 7110?

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New Member
Oct 19, 2021
York County, ME USA
I am expecting a Morso 7110 in a few months. Having a woodstove is new to this house, so I will likely be purchasing some local kiln dried wood to get us going for the balance of the winter (and expecting to get 16" from the local suppliers).

Moving forward, I will have control over log length with some hardwood trees on my property ready to be dropped and CSS. I'm hoping to do some splittin' before the installation, so I don't physically have the stove around to reference.

For the Morso 7110, I have found:
- Log length 16.5" on the website
- The manual PDF says a max of 18"
- The manual PDF later on suggests using logs ~10" in length (I think that's just for getting the stove going, though?)
- Finally, my distributor/installer is suggesting 12 or 14" to make it easier to squeeze/angle in the door for loading and reloading.

Overthinking is what I do best; can any current 7110 owners suggest what's actually reasonable and practical here? I think I'm OK with using 16" even if you have to awkwardly angle through the door, but if it's an absolute PITA and I can do 14" with my own bucking, then perhaps I'll thank myself later?


Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Order or cut to 16". If from a seller, the length most likely will not be exact.


New Member
Jan 30, 2022
New York
The firebox is tiny. I would go 14" max. When I buy 16" from a wood seller in a pinch, I end up having to cut them down.