Acucraft Unity 44 or Heat n Glo Escape see through

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Jan 8, 2015
Hi, We are looking at putting a fireplace in our new home and are not sure what to get. I love the smell of a wood fire, and we have an abundant supply of free firewood. We are looking for a double sided unit, and so far Acucraft looks very nice. We are in Maryland, and in an area that loses power often. I have been by the local fireplace store, and the Heat n glo (gas) Escape see through looks very nice too. We are really looking for something to make a statement in the room. The viewing area on the Escape is huge and looks very nice in person. The "box" for the Acucraft Unity 44 seems huge, but I am not sure how big the viewing area will look in person. Anyone have any info on either of these units? We are on propane gas for the Heat n Glo. We also have two small kids, dogs, and a cat if that makes any difference lol! Thanks!
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