Q&A Adding lava rock & embers to gas fireplace

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Nov 27, 2012

I recently moved in to a townhouse with a tiny gas fireplace. It only had 2 logs and a very artificial looking straight row of flames in between the two logs. To make it more realistic, I bought 2 small logs to set on top to help divert the flames somewhat. Now I want to use the lava rock & glowing embers. Can I just set them on the base of the fireplace? I heard a man in the store suggest to someone that they place them on a cookie sheet at the bottom of the fireplace, but I can't stick anything underneath the log rack, as it's bolted to the base, leaving no room. If I can't set them directly on the base, could I use something like foil? Thanks, Sammi Smith


Most of these manufactured fireplaces are preset at the factory, and it is not recommended that you add ANYTHING to the fire. You might be causing a dangerous situation. My advice is to leave the existing logs exactly as they were when you found them.
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