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Oct 27, 2023
I'm looking to buy a wood stove as a secondary heater. Only looking to heat one room. I have a fairly large fireplace 46" W / 33 " H / 21" D. Chimney is probably pushing 30 feet. The firebox has a vent that brings in outside air directly to the firebox by sliding open a metal bar.

My plan was to install a free standing wood stove into the fireplace so I can take advantage of the outside air vent in the firebox. I figure an insert would enclose the firebox and I'd lose the advantage of the vent or at least the ability to open and close the vent.

The firebox is big enough that I can get a wood stove pretty far inside it and run a pipe straight up through the damper. My plan was to install the Pacific Energy Summit LE. I plan to burn BioBricks this winter.

I have two main concerns about this setup:

1) Is pushing the wood stove deeper into the firebox a bad idea? PE Actually says not to install in a fireplace. But then they allow masonry chimney installs. So is it that they want it in front of fireplace? Since the PE Summit appears to only have a top vent you could never go in through the damper from infront.

2) Is this setup likely to have over-draft issues due to length of the flu?

What would other people do given this size fireplace and flu?
I have both a stove and an insert in my fireplaces. Stove idea is fine. It may need a blower. Plan on an insulated liner unless you can verify order clearances from masonry of the chimney to combustibles, 1 inch for exterior 2 for interior this includes all framing and roof sheeting. A block-off plate is a really good idea. In would try to hook up an outside air with some 3 inch flex duct through the air vent. It’s called an outside air kit or oak.

30 feet of liner is likely to over draft and you may need a damper.

Lastly you might want to pick a stove that all was hearth installs.

Other thoughts I don’t think the outside air kit would be deciding factor in my stove choice. If it work great if not no big deal unless you have a very tight home.
The stove will need a blower to convect the heat out and there should be a block-off plate in the damper area.
The biggest concern it the chimney height. The Summit is an easy breathing stove. It will work on a 13' chimney. The odds are strong that a 30' tall liner is going to need some draft reduction.
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