After Dinner Action


Minister of Fire
Aug 25, 2009
Foothills of The Adirondacks
Get your minds out of the gutter. After we had dinner (Pot Roast) I took the dog for a walk and on the way down the road she was acting funny, but we kept going and could see a bunch of people at the entrance to our property I do most of my cutting.

Once I got down there, I found out their bull got loose and went up into our property. So a lady gave me a ride home to drop off the dog and we went back to open up the gates. They had already go up top because they said they saw it head that way, I had checked out a spot that runs along the Brook to the neighbor's property but none of us found the bull.

When I came back they were waiting in the lane, one man had a livestock trailer so I told them if they wanted to park it back there with the door open with some feed they could do that. The owner of the bull was asking me where some of our property went to so I told him that I thought a good place to check was at the end of the trail I walked because it runs in behind a certain building. His phone rings and the bull was up at what was called the S curves so off they went.

On the way out I was locking the gates, after locking the last gate I took about four steps and right in some bullchit. They did tell me they would call if they got the bull home, no call yet.
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Feeling the Heat
Dec 20, 2018
Southern WI
Remember getting calls when i was young on the farm...cows got out again!
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