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New Member
Feb 5, 2021
North Dakota
Hi there,

I have a PP130 Pelpro in my center room (Having multiple feeding issues with it btw), with vaulted ceiling’s throughout the house. What is the best way to get heat transferred throughout the house? As you can see in the photo, my fan in that room is hanging from a rafter almost in the center of the room. Counterclockwise? Clockwise? Push air up or down? The heat is getting trapped up top obviously. There is also two door ways that enter the room from each side, one going to our bedroom and the other to the living room. I’ve read on other forums to blow cold air from these room into the stove room? I’ve wanted to put through-wall fans up high in the stove room to push air into each room, but it will be a can-of-worms I do not want to open up if there is other alternatives, as I have tongue and groove walls. (Not the easiest to move outlets/wiring.)

Any feedback and or tips is greatly appreciated!

Air flow?