Air Leak between the 2 doors doors

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New Member
Feb 26, 2024
Great White North
I am new to this woodstove, as it was in the house I purchased, its about 12 years old. I can hear air leaking into the firebox from between the 2 doors. I feel like there should be some sort of gasket here, but it is just metal on metal. With the left door held closed by the right door.

The stove is Napoleon NZ-26 with 2 doors. If there is supposed to be a gasket, could someone post a picture, or point me in the right direction.

I didn't know they made a double-door version of this fireplace. I looked at the 2010 manual and it shows single door. Could this be an NZ-3000? I don't that has a center gasket on the 2 doors.
Thanks for sharing. I haven't seen that model.