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lakerd Posted By lakerd, Apr 22, 2018 at 2:55 PM

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  1. lakerd

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    Apr 21, 2018
    sw pa
    IMAG0002.JPG IMAG0003.JPG i got this very little used american eagle insert. there is very little about it on the internet. i think it is what you call a fisher clone. it is so heavy i couldn't move it into a better position for pictures. it has a baffle and convection blower and an 8 inch flue opening in the back. i plan on reducing to 6 inches and sending a liner 16.5 feet up the chimney as i have seen coaly's comments on reducing flue openings on these old double door models that were designed to be used in fireplace mode sometimes so they oversized the opening to accomodate that. i won't be using fireplace mode. there are small cracks on the upper door opening corners. so small i couldn't get good pictures. should i worry about them? i pressured tested it with a fan blowing in the flue opening and the doors closed and the only air i can feel coming out is where the doors join together in the center. in the picture you can see there is a channel on the left door. do you think a rope gasket is supposed to go there or do they just leave it metal to metal? IMAG0002.JPG IMAG0003.JPG
  2. bholler

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    Reducing to 6" is against code and regardless of what coaly says i have seen it cause smoking issues many times on old units similar to yours.
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