American Harvest 6039 incomplete burn

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Dec 29, 2019
Hello, new here
This is my first season running a pellet stove. I bought a used American harvest 6039 with a manufacture date of 2006. It is the 3 button model. I installed the stove adhering strictly to the installation instructions in the owners manual. I am burning magic spark hardwood pellets. Anyways, for the first couple of weeks it burnt GREAT. Clean combustion, very little build up in the burn pot. Would run for days with no issues. I periodically shut down and clean thoroughly front to back, door to chimney, and all places inbetween. Recently it has been having an issue where it’ll run like a champ for the first 4 hours or so, but it’ll slowly start to accumulate 3/4 burnt pellets in the burn pot. To the point where they are almost about to over flow and the fire will get “lazy” because all of the air holes in the fire box are covered with half burnt pellets. It seems to do it no matter what heat range I’m in, where the manual draft is positioned, or where the augur setting is as well as exhaust fan setting. Im hooked up to fresh air with the plug under the burn pot removed. Any suggestions? It’s driving me nuts! Thanks in advanced


Jan 22, 2021
I was running in to this with my USSC 6500. For me it turned out to be ash build up behind the 2 doors on the bottom back of the burn chamber. Not the ones on the bottom that drop the ash into the ash pan, the ones in the picture on the back wall.

Once I got those all cleaned out and scrubbed the burn pot really well my issue cleared up.
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