Amount of Wood Burned per Day

byQ Posted By byQ, May 31, 2013 at 10:42 AM

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  1. byQ

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    May 12, 2013
    Modern EPA wood stoves burn hot. They have to in order to burn all the flue gasses at a minimum of 1100 deg and up. My stove has a ceramic reburn chamber cuz even cast iron wont take the high temps for long. The only advantage i can see with a masonry wood heater is heat storage which you could probably do more efficiently with a wood gasifier boiler and insulated water storage tanks. which are becoming quite popular for larger setups these days.

    Yes they burn hot but not as hot. They don't burn the flue gases as well as a masonry heater - fact. This is nothing to worry about - it is what it is. On that wood stove build challenge where 14 entries have been accepted guess what the #1 improvement on wood stove design appears to be? No its not incorporating masonry heater principals into these appliances - although it should be.

    It is sensor technology - like what is happening/has happened in the automobile industry. Wood stoves are going to have brains (or more brains). They are going to be able to control themselves so they burn more efficiently knowing when to increase oxygen, how to interact with the environment, etc......

    And there are a few masonry heaters in this wood stove challenge that are pretty much relying on the same old 'middle ages' technology.
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    IF you have ZERO smoke and a very clean flue pipe you can pretty much ascertain that all the flue gas have been burned. It takes a lot of heat to make that big chunk of ceramic in the back of my stove to glow cherry red.Im guessing between 1500 and 2000 Deg. And with a flue pipe temp of 250 degrees just above the stove most of the heat is going into the room. I know iv never put even 50lbs of wood in the stove for any 24 hour period.
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    This one has been off the topic for pages.
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