Another Newbie question (enviro mini)

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Jan 28, 2021
Prince Rupert BC. Canada
Good morning

Lots of people have told me not to shut down my pellet stove.
That it is bad for the stove to be stopping and starting it.
However my manual says to not open the hopper while its running
and also the cleaning your supposed to do every 3 days.

Any helpful hints there?
First, it will not hurt your stove to stop and start it! It may wear out your
your igniter quicker but I am still using the same one for 20 years now.
I can not find in any Enviro stove Manual where it says the stove must be off to fill?
I fill my hopper with the stove on and have never had a problem.
The stove cleaning is just a suggestion on the weekly part of it the rest is very
important for the health of the unit. You will find your own rhythm.
I brush down and vac the inside once a week when running 24/7 A little deeper
ever 6 to 8 weeks and a teardown and full clean once a year or after 2 tons
if it is a shorter period. Good Luck
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minus an igniter for me.... Never had one.
Hey there fellow Enviro Mini owner, I have had mine for 5 years now. My self install and continuing trials & tribulations are documented on this forum. Search & you will see.

Pretty happy with it (several issues excepted) but am now on igniter #3. Yes, cycling start/stops will shorten your igniter's lifespan, but what are ya to do? I do try to keep this thing running, to extend it's life. And in all fairness, I've used aftermarket igniters. The price differential compared to OEM was wayyyyy too much not to.

I also had to fix my control board, despite the fact that it is powered through a UPS, and industrial quality surge suppression; the convection blower triac went south. I gambled on that triac, and was correct, fortunately. That board ain't cheap!

My black paint on the ash ledge is flaking off real bad, as well as the paint under the ash drawer. She's not a looker any more, but keeps us warm when I'm not using the junk pellets that I bought this past spring lol.

If this is your primary source of heat, you may wanna do what I do...I keep an assortment of replacement parts on hand just in case. The igniter especially, as it's a wear item and a simple fix. Personally, I stock all 3 motors, the triacs & the igniter. If I didn't have that convection motor on hand, I would not have known that my original one wasn't defective. I swapped it out only to find that it was the PC board that was faulty.

Good luck with yours!
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None of them remain a pretty face forever unless you want to refinish them