pellet stove newbie

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    Help! Restoring a Deeze Freeland Flame stove

    Attempting to restore an old stove for use on our patio. I've been unable to source any documentation at all. Hoping perhaps someone has some stashed. It is a Freeland flame - made by Deeze. Appears to have originated in the Pacific Northwest. Gone through cleaned and checked everything on the...
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    Could use some advice

    Hi Everyone, This is my first time starting a thread on this forum. I’ll get straight to the point. We purchased a Grand Teton Gros Ventre October 16,2023 (we were on a budget). Out of the box the blower was shot. Then the smell (we did the 1-2hr burn off before installing in our home) was...
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    Enviro Mini flaming out

    MY enviro Mini has started to shut down. The heat level 3 light is blinking. When i open the inside the burn pot liner is full to the top with unburnt pellets and there is perhaps one or two slighty blackened pellets on the bottom What may be the cause of this?
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    Another Newbie question (enviro mini)

    Good morning Lots of people have told me not to shut down my pellet stove. That it is bad for the stove to be stopping and starting it. However my manual says to not open the hopper while its running and also the cleaning your supposed to do every 3 days. Any helpful hints there?
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    Harmon Pellet Pro

    Just purchased a Pellet Pro through an auction after reviewing Harman Stoves on their site as well as a few forums rated them very highly. Can’t see where it says it’s a Pro 2 though, however the manual downloaded from Harman looks like the same unit. I’m new to pellet stoves but have had wood...
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    Newb Question about heat levels

    Hello out there We just had our enviro mini installed this week I perhaps have a dumb question. When you go between heat levels 1-5 does the stove inject more pellets or does it increase the fan speed? or both? Thanks
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    Pellet Stove for Tiny House?

    I have a 320sqft shipping container tiny house. Currently I am using a woodstove that heats good when i keep wood on it. I was hoping to switch to a pellet stove so I could have something that is thermostat controlled. I have been looking at the castle serenity pellet stove and the pelpro pp60...
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    New stove

    I am looking for a new pellet stove for our 2500 sq ft double wide. It is not real good insulator. We currently use electric heat and I feel as though it is drafty. I am debating on what brand of stove to get, my man thinks wood stove but I believe pellet would be easier to maintain. He does not...