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leggs_19567 Posted By leggs_19567, Jan 23, 2019 at 7:05 PM

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    Jan 23, 2019
    I am looking for a new pellet stove for our 2500 sq ft double wide. It is not real good insulator. We currently use electric heat and I feel as though it is drafty. I am debating on what brand of stove to get, my man thinks wood stove but I believe pellet would be easier to maintain. He does not like the moving working components and concerned these will go bad. I am looking in the $2000 to $2500 range plus stove pipes etc. My brother recommended the US Stove VG5790 65,000btu, with 120lb hopper and smart controller that slows the auger feed running $1996 in cost. I saw highly recommended Harman and Quadafire but spending $4500 total out of pocket is not reasonable for . I would like to have stove that will not require $300-$400 monthly bill for heat. We have looked at gas, gas inserts, wood stoves and pellet stoves and I think the easiest for us will be pellets, while gas involved having to put a new tank, lines etc. How much is decrease in electric bill once starting to use pellet stove?
    What is your recommendations, what do I want to look for and good brands, As a new pellet stove owner in future what do you recommend? Any advice is appreciated.
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    I replaced my Blaze King King in May and started using new Harmon XXV in Sep. Got Floor Model for $3300. I had it installed professionally for insurance purposes. Got battery backup so I can run without power for 6-12 hours, another 7 hundred.

    Spent $1000 on pellets for 5 tons. Looks like I will use 3 - 4 tons for this Warm Winter. Very happy so far. Electricity where am is .05 per Kilowatt. About 20kw to run Heat Pump or $5.00 for bag of pellets. So it's not effective in Sep/Oct. Still ran it to get the Buzz and Problems out. Had to fix some screws impacting fan about running couple months.

    Really like the ability to Control the Heat. With BK King you need to get the stove "In the Zone" for Catalyst to work and burn clean. I was going thru 3 - 4 cords of wood. Plus ash in the house and smoke when I screwed up and did not do everything right. Plus danger of overfire. Pellet stove lots easier. Smoke is not a issue.

    I was also looking for Pellet stove for 2k and was going with Cab50. I wanted Big Hopper.

    Could have got one for $1600 (floor model again). I went with pretty stove since Cab50 and old Wood Stove were just black cube. Harmon looks very nice.

    The recommend stove US Stove VG5790 is good choice from what I read. Go see/hear one. Harmon is very quiet on 1/2 speed. The 2 box fans we use to move air around make the noise.

    Something to consider is do you have place to store 5-6 pallets of pellets? Ie dry out of the weather. I use bay of building and bring 1/2 ton up at time to back porch.

    I agree with you for Pellet stove over wood stove. Lots cleaner. Price pellets in your area. Can you get Firewood Free? I bought 2 years out of 7. Windstorms provided the rest. Gave away 6 cords this summer I had ready to burn (already split and stacked). We get about 2-3 trees down each year. I had access to my 10ac and another 15ac for firewood for free. Log splitter and tractor to move the trees. But I find it lots easier to drop in bag of pellets since hurt my shoulder when bucking up logs couple years ago (torn rotater cuff and muscle).

    Well my thoughts. For Pellet stoves a lot of people (me included) think Harmon is one of the best. Research parts for your stove. Also think Wood stove power outage it still does the job. Pellet you need generator or battery backup or BOTH.

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