Pellet Stove for Tiny House?


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Feb 6, 2019
I have a 320sqft shipping container tiny house. Currently I am using a woodstove that heats good when i keep wood on it. I was hoping to switch to a pellet stove so I could have something that is thermostat controlled. I have been looking at the castle serenity pellet stove and the pelpro pp60. I am finding mixed reviews on them and I don't want to spend the money and have them breal down on me. So does anyone have any experience with those 2 stoves or have another suggestion that will work good for my tiny house? Also I live in Michigan so we do get some pretty cold days.
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Dec 7, 2011
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The serenity is an ok stove. Just for me takes a lot of tinkering. Small, low output stoves are hard to find. The serenity doesn’t idle down well. Even on level 1, it puts out a pretty good amount of heat. I found a device on eBay, that a forum member designed, that basically slows down the auger. Works pretty well. But again may require more adjustments to the stove to get burning correctly. Pretty easy to do on the electronic control panel. You have to remove a side panel to change air adjustments tho. I finally fabbed up a external adjustment to avoid that. For the very low price point it does ok.
Nov 20, 2018
I'm very happy with the Hudson River Chatham we bought last fall, but it has a larger footprint than the models you mentioned, so it may not be a good choice for you. It puts out a lot of heat, even on the lowest setting, but the hopper holds only about fifty pounds, and the PelPro PP60 holds over twice that, even more if you get the hopper extension. The PP60 is rated the same as our stove for efficiency, so I bet it would give you a lot of heat. The Chatham also requires cleaning every three days or so, which seems to be a lot more frequently than many models I read about on this forum. Hudson River models share a lot of parts with Enviro models--the burn chambers and the control boards are often interchangeable--so I bet you'd have a good experience with an Enviro, if they have a small enough model to work in your space.


Nov 20, 2007
Kenora, Ontario, Canada
I have a pelpro 130 instead of the 60.. I'm uncertain about the difference other than hopper size. Mine is a 2016 and has no thermostat.. instead it has a less precise ..comfort control.. they call it.. it's fine for my workshop since in the COLD wx I just leave it on low constant.. in milder x.. I run it on constant at night and shut it off during the day.. my 720 sq ft shop.. r60 ceiling insulation and r20 walls.. but on an uninsulated concrete slab.. that's a huge heat sink especially at -30c and colder.. if your tiny house is well insulated you'll be ok.
In regards the cleaning.... mine is cleaned every day or two.. it's gone as long as four days between cleaning.. I've never gone more than that and defonately needs it by then.. it takes two minutes with my ash vacuum.
Generally from my perspective it's near perfect for my needs given it's cheap to buy.

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