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  1. asburke39

    Help on selecting a wood stove for a newbie!

    Hi all! I have never owned or really used a wood stove before but my husband and I just moved to Northern Michigan (not the UP) and we are building a tiny-ish home and looking for advice on purchasing a wood stove. I have attached our floor plan. It is 16' wide by 40' long (640 square feet)...
  2. T

    Pellet Stove for Tiny House?

    I have a 320sqft shipping container tiny house. Currently I am using a woodstove that heats good when i keep wood on it. I was hoping to switch to a pellet stove so I could have something that is thermostat controlled. I have been looking at the castle serenity pellet stove and the pelpro pp60...
  3. ChainsawDave

    Old Potbelly in a Small Space Help

    Hey everybody, I'm new to wood stoves and this is my first post. I wanted to run some things by the folks here to see if this project of mine was a going to work out. I've been researching like crazy, which I always do on my homestead projects, but wanted advice because there's more danger...
  4. O

    Need heat shield advice. Copper shield for wood walls?

    Hi! I was hoping some folks may have some input on some questions I have before installing my woodstove. I am going to be installing The Hobbit woodstove in my tiny house. The woodstove requires 18 inches of clearance to the rear and 16 for the sides. I have built a wooden stove stand for it to...
  5. C

    Wood stove for a School Bus!

    Hi everyone, I have always loved wood burning stoves and have been doing tons of research about them in the past few months. This forum has been a really great resource. My girlfriend and I are turning a school bus into a full time residence in Upstate NY and we have decided to heat (hopefully...