Another Wall Pass-through Scenario

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Sep 13, 2019
Fairly new to this house, and the stove installation is not correct. Stove is in basement, one 6" thimble into the 12x8 terra cotta lined chimney. The basement had been "finished", all 8" block walls with a 2x4 framed wall and 1/2" drywall. Thimble goes between studs.

So, a cleanout needs to be installed, my plan is to remove the existing thimble and replace it with 8x8 chimney liner into the room, with a metal locking cleanout door. There is space under the thimble inside the chimney. Then install a new 6" thimble at least 2 feet above the cleanout.

To deal with the clearances, my plan was to remove the wood studs and drywall to at least 24" away from the thimble, and replace those with 2-1/2" metal studs. Then install 2 layers of 1/2" cement board to finish wall face, floor to ceiling, which will leave air space between masonry wall and inside wall.

The stove is a Treemont, I'll have to look at the literature for wall clearance for it, the floor is already quarry tile. I intended on running steel stove pipe up and into the thimble to the chimney. I would have at least 24"+ to the nearest combustible stud or drywall, and well more than 24" below the drop ceiling.

I look forward to comments. Thanks.
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