Any feedback on this stove?

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Feb 23, 2020
Charlotte, NC
looking at possibly buying this, but i learned my lesson with my last purchase and want to get feedback first. Online it looks good. But i can't find lots of info. All i can see from her picture is High Valley. Front is 35" wide. Waiting on a serial number to look up the manual.
Because nobody else answered, it looks in good shape but who knows. I would be loathe to buy a used stove. For reasons of safety, efficiency, and because it’s such a long-term investment with potential for such massive heating costs that the purchase price of the stove is relatively insignificant. Did u end up buying it?
I did. It works ok but not great, better than my last. I'm really wanting to upgrade for next year and trying to decide what the best route is. Far too many options!
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Hard to tell from one picture and no view of inside. It looks like the door gasket may be leaking and sooting up the front top of the stove over the door.