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flyingpig Posted By flyingpig, Nov 11, 2010 at 4:37 AM

  1. flyingpig

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    Jan 23, 2010
    Cary, NC
    Being a new user for wood burning, I've just only purchased wood twice from the same guy from CL. But I didn't really feel satisfy with the goods (too green, and less volume than advertised). But I didn't say anything since his price is a bit cheaper than other so I figured out it might be the same price/cord from other.

    But seems like it's not only me who is frustrated!!

  2. Singed Eyebrows

    Singed Eyebrows
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    Jan 22, 2009
    Selling firewood seems to be like selling used cars, there all "super bargains". If more people told these guys to just drive away it might help. It's sad when you need to deal with the "best of the crooks". Good luck, hope you find an honest one, Randy
  3. soupy1957

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    Jan 8, 2010
    My first load last year, was from a guy who was one of those types that "take what I got or $^*$@ you! I stopped using him, after the first load.

    Then (after shopping around) I found a fella who was willing to consider himself a "partner" (as it were) in our home heating. He took his cutting very seriously, and made recommendations as he saw them. Cooperation and consideration were both part of his attitude toward us. The wood he delivered was exactly what he said it would be, and it was fairly priced for the market area.

    There are those in here of course (and there are many) who will chime in as DIY'ers, and that's great! They have the time, the resources, ......good for them. It's BECAUSE of folks like them, that "we" consumers have wood for the season, and we thank them with our money.

    I found a good oil man years ago, and now I've found a good wood man! It's Latin, and I'm sure I'll spell it wrong, but you'll understand: "Caveo Em Te" ("Let the Buyer beware").

  4. shawneyboy

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    Oct 5, 2010
    NE PA
    If I bought wood, I would have no problem telling those who do not deliver what they advertise, to go back to where they came from. I would love to see their face when they go to deliver an advertised cord of seasoned wood that is actually green 3/4 cord, and I grab a few splits, hit it with a moisture meter then tell them ummmmm NO !!!! If more people would do that the sellers would learn their lesson, and stop.

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