Anyone else own an Astria firelplace ?

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If not, on a calm day you could take a 4' length of warm air duct and shove it into the chimney pipe, crimp down, and try a fire.
That's better! Thanks for the update. Wait until you run a full load in there.
I have a fp25 zc with a 1900sq ft ranch style open concept in Ontario Canada and it heats the whole house (except basement) with no problems. I think the only really I can do it is because the house is open concept. It would be hard if you had a bunch of separate rooms.
The reason I wanted a fireplace it's to heat whole house. I have used side ports of Superior WRT3920 as indicated on manual and connected to a blower. Then I ran ducts from blower to furnace air duct. System is working but the problem I think is the way this fireplace is designed. Secondary air tubes are connected to two small boxes outside firebox (I think it's pretty common). Those small boxes have an opening that is very close to side ports I'm using for hot air. Result is if fireplace is not hot enough to have good draft, ventilation blower start to suck air from those boxes (from secondary air tubes) and house is filled with carbon monoxide. When I don't load wood is even worse obviously (blower keeps running, it's commanded by thermal switch). Those boxes are not accessible after installation, so I have to figure out what to do. Sorry if my explanation is not very clear...
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Hi, do you have any updates? I was just looking at a ladera today which is a showroom model. I'm really hoping you got your ladera figured out cuz now you have me questioning it. Thank you so much
Sorry, I didn't see there was a second page with your update. I'm so happy to see that it is working wonderfully. Congrats