Anyone have any info on a New Yorker 200 wood boiler?...any help would be greatly appreciated!

ladyfire Posted By ladyfire, Jan 18, 2008 at 1:25 AM

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    Jan 17, 2008
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    I can get my hands on a New Yorker 200 hot water wood boiler that is only 9 years old for $1150.00 firm...they are $3800.00 new in Nova Scotia...anyone have any info on this type/name of boiler? It's in really great shape...the guy was asking $1400.00. My home is 2200 sq ft on the first 2 levels (the third story is heated by a pellet stove), 2 1/2 storeys, fairly well insulated (attic only) and we have cast iron radiators. We are planning on hooking this boiler up to our hw oil boiler (Newmac high efficiency furnace-5 yrs old) and the New Yorker would be a main source of heat for our home. Any advice/info/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! There is a an actual pic of the furnace attached....there is slight surface rust on the front of the door, due to sitting in an unheated garage for the past 6 months, but this can be cleaned up relatively easily. Thanks in advance!

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